Five technological ways to earn money

In an era where technology has changed the way people communicate socially, it only makes sense to reflect on the fact that work patterns have changed too. Gone are the times when everyone had to visit a physical location to perform all their tasks, replaced by a more flexible attitude to the working day.

This creates a whole host of opportunities for young workers the world over, and presents a series of great chances to build a strong and viable career. With that in mind, here are 5 of the best vocation paths to consider when using technology to earn money.

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

In a planet where globalisation has become more and more essential to day-to-day business and education needs, considering becoming a TEFL teacher is a prudent choice. In essence, the role of a TEFL teacher is to guide non-native learners of English through the myriad avenues of vocabulary and grammar that the world’s language has to offer.

As with any well-trained career, however, it is worthwhile getting trained and qualified to the requisite level first. With that in mind, here are a couple of suggestions to get you started on the right road. Taking the time to properly prepare and invest in these courses ought to give any new TEFL instructor the confidence they need to survive and thrive in the TEFL classroom, whether in person or online.

Sell goods and services online

Another perfect way to raise extra capital virtually is through selling goods online. There are thankfully several different ways to do this, all with their own unique pros and cons.

An immediately obvious solution is to open an Amazon store, taking advantage of the high traffic volumes that pass through the portal in order to gain leverage in the market. One plus point of this idea is that relatively little marketing effort is needed, because of the global pulling power of the brand. However, this should be contrasted with the commissions that Amazon and other marketplaces take for their commission, as well as the amount of time it can take to get higher up the rankings, where the most sales tend to take place.

Another option is to list on auction sites such as eBay, which provides a convenient option for selling used items, or things taking up too much space in the garage or closet. While the chance to make extra cash out of no longer wanted items is enticing, the same kind of caveats apply as above, with commission being paid to the host site, as well as the costs of shipping that need to be factored into the final sale amount.


Project manager

The harsh realities of the last couple of years have taken their toll on many, but have also shown a glimpse into a future where people can run projects from the comfort of their own homes. This sounds like a panacea, especially for parents of young children, or those taking care of an elderly relative.

In addition, performing important meetings online through platforms such as Zoom or Skype are a wonderful and easy way to stay connected around the clock, with clients and customers from every corner of Earth. This, allied to the proliferation of organisational calendars and applications, might make this the most attractive proposition of all.

Those with that mindset should beware of some pitfalls to this position, though. First off, there is often a greater pressure to be available 24/7, frequently at hours that may not be so convenient for the prospective project manager. This can lead to burnout and other side effects of fatigue, such as an irritable mood or low energy. Secondly, the traditional project manager is expected to be a jack (or jill) of all trades, meeting any challenge that comes up with a quick and ready answer. This is not quite as easy as it sounds though, with many effective remedies unavailable as a result of not being able to solve some issues in person.

Content creator

As a consequence of the huge growth in social media platforms in recent years, it is perhaps unsurprising that chances to grow a brand from scratch have also increased massively in that time. One ideal example of this is the boom in content creation, in fields as diverse as make up to TEFL (see above).

An effective communicator can create a strong and powerful message easily, gaining access to a large customer base in no time at all. This can be attained through simple means, like follows or likes. It can also be realised through partnering with specific companies, who offer inducements to content creators and customers alike, making it seem easier than ever before to cut out the middleman and deal with a creator directly.

On the other hand, being supported by firms could lead to a potential bias in the content being created. This can make it appear as though the vlogger is simply a mouthpiece for a brand, as opposed to having their own unique voice. Furthermore, an online video maker might find that it is difficult to keep the content relative and interesting for the audience, who may decide to move on to the next big thing quickly. All of this makes this choice a precarious one, and one that is fraught with more risk than some of the others on offer.

Administrative roles

For those looking to perform simple office tasks, from editing spreadsheets to creating rental listings, working from home is a smart way to go about it. It means avoiding the dreaded early morning commute, as well as swerving the late afternoon traffic jams that are typical in most big cities.

The time that is saved not being sat in the car can be put to much better use, like having time to exercise or perhaps even practice a new hobby. This ought to lead to a better harmony between work and life, resulting in hopefully a healthier and happier workforce member.

However, it is not quite that simple, as other side effects can ensue, such as finding it hard to switch off from the work day, and actually working for longer at home than is really necessary. As with all the above options, it is worth weighing the upsides and downsides before diving into a decision.

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